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I spent a good majority of the afternoon walking around downtown with my friend Ashley, looking at just a small portion of ArtPrize entries.

What is ArtPrize, you may be wondering!  It is this epic art contest that started last year, lasting for about 2 1/2 weeks, open to any artist around the world to display their art in a three square mile area of downtown Grand Rapids.  All the voting is done by the public and there are almost half a million in cash prizes for the top ten, with the winner receiving $250,000!  This year, there are 192 venues to see the art and over 1,700 artists.

I wish that I could describe ArtPrize in a way that does it justice, so let’s let a few pictures do the talking.

My personal favorite:  WaterPrize!

The Grand Pixel, a mosiac of the city done entirely with 6 mm plastic Airsoft balls

Calvary, American Officers, 1921 – 30×8 foot sketching based off a picture, and done entirely in pencil.  The picture seriously does not do it justice.

The Neighborhood – this entire piece is handcut and is all one big piece.

There was even art to play with (or just sit on)!

After a couple hours of walking around, Ash and I were ready for some lunch!  We went to a local Mexican restaurant, Cinco de Mayo.  I had some of the chips and salsa they brought when we sat down.

I got some nachos for my meal.  It came with beef, but I subbed the beans instead.

The plate was HUGE!  I only ate about a third of this before I had to stop!  It’s five hours later and it’s all still sitting like a rock in my stomach.  It sure did taste good though!

I stopped on my way to church and grabbed a bagel (surprise, surprise…I’m addicted right now!).  I did mix it up a bit this time and got a cheddar herb instead of salsa pepperjack, but only because they were out. 🙂

Does your city do anything fun like ArtPrize to get people out and about?

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