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lesson of the day: always ask, never assume.


I threw together a smoothie for dinner last night and since I was running late, I brought it with me to eat at the church since I had the youth group I volunteer with last night.

It was semi dark in the room and apparently that made my smoothie look like black beans with oatmeal on top!
It contained: 1 cup mixed berries, 1 banana, 2 handfuls of spinach, and I mixed in a tablespoon of chia seeds and sprinkled oats on top. Yum!

I had to really, really talk myself into going to boot camp this morning. Getting up gets harder as the week goes by. I laid in bed for a solid ten minutes talking myself out of rolling back over and sleeping for two more hours! But, I did it, I got up and went! We did about half of the class running, and half doing various exercises like military presses, crunches, and the likes. I am definitely realizing how much my strength has improved in just three weeks! I had to do twenty push-ups and they were so much less painful than on day one! Granted, they are still the “girlie” sort, but easier nonetheless!

Once I got home, I threw a couple pieces of whole grain bread in the toaster and slathered some almond butter and pumpkin! What a great combination!

I talk about going to Maggie’s, my favorite Mexican place in town, fairly regularly. My staple is the veggie burrito which has rice, beans, tomatoes, and lettuce. I had made the assumption for the longest time that the veggie burrito would be vegetarian friendly.

I was very wrong. They use chicken broth to prepare the rice. What a huge letdown.

Lesson learned: always ask, never assume.

I am completely crushed right now. I probably should have asked a long time ago, but to be honest, I really didn’t think of it until today. I feel like a horrible vegetarian. Yes, I know that is completely mellow dramatic! I know what you’re thinking, just get it without the rice, Mindy, it’s not that big of a deal. But, when the rice makes up like half of the burrito, it is quite a big deal. So, no more veggie burritos for me.

This all came up because it was my lunch destination today. I am a bit afraid to find out if their beans are okay or not. I have a bad feeling they aren’t. So, I went with something I knew was safe: guacamole and chips!

The large order was a slight error in judgement. It came with a big dish of guac and two small baskets of chips! Since it was my entire lunch, though, I didn’t feel too terrible about it. Plus, let’s be honest, I could eat my weight in guacamole, so I really wasn’t complaining!

I ended up eating about 3/4 of it. I used some level of self-constraint and stopped when I was comfortably full. I’m learning!

Tonight I have dinner club at Stella’s, a (mostly) vegan bar! Can’t wait!

Have you ever made a food discovery that left you feeling disappointed?

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