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how stella got her groove back.


For my monthly dinner club, this time around it was my month to pick and I knew just the place!

Stella’s! Check out their homepage, it’s clever!

It is, get this, a vegan bar! They have a couple non-vegan options, but otherwise it’s all vegan friendly bar food. Think wings and burgers. The atmosphere is awesome with great music playing (like The Smiths!), arcade games, board games, and you can carve into the tables. So fun!

It was quite dark inside so none of my pictures turned out well. I had a beer from my favorite brewery in town. (They serve the drinks in mason jars!) Sadly, it really didn’t hit the spot!

For dinner, I had the Refuse/Resist. It’s a french toast sandwich with tofu scramble and tempeh bacon. Served with a side of Michigan maple syrup, raspberry chipolte sauce & spicy breakfast potatoes. A-mazing.

I will definitely head to Stella’s again! What a great find! And, I mean that quite literally, as the entrance is tough to find the first time! The address is on one street, but you have to go around to the other side of the building and the door is in an alley. I know, I know, it sounds totally shady! But, the place is legit, I promise!

What’s your favorite bar type food?

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  1. cookeatburn permalink
    10.1.10 12:01 am

    Deep fried cheese curds are pretty delicious, I’ll admit (and count as a staple bar food here). Before I discovered the curds though mozzarella sticks were always my favorite (with marinara!) so I guess I just like the beer + cheese + fried. 🙂

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