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i love, love, love my blogging community.


It’s been another long, long day which came to a disappointing end when I got home to find the healthy living blog world and Twitter going crazy over the new Marie Claire article.  Entitled “The Hunger Diaries”, it ultimately, and in my opinion completely unfairly, attacks my beloved blogging community.  Chelsea scanned in the article, so check it out if you’re interested.

There are a lot of thoughts, rants, tears, and frustration to say the least over this article.  My personal thoughts are this is an absolutely horrible piece of journalism (not that I truly expect any literary greatness in a magazine such as Marie Claire, I’ll be honest).  It is a horrible reflection on the six wonderful, amazing, and inspirational women they dragged through the mud.  They twisted posts around to fit what they wanted their article to say, completely missed the entire point of the Healthy Living Summit, and did absolutely no fact checking.  And, to throw around the “disordered eating” accusation is truly insulting to those who do struggle with that on a daily basis.

All that being said, I do think that yes, writing a healthy living type blog can further or even lead to unhealthy, even dangerous habits.  It can get addicting and it can get tempting to be overly healthy.  But, to single these women out as an example of that is ridiculous.  To pick and choose the pictures, posts, and Tweets just to prove your point is not portraying an accurate picture of their lifestyle.

I could go on and on for an extremely long time, but I don’t want to waste any more energy on such a lousy piece of “journalism”.  Shame on you, Marie Claire.  I love, love, love my blogging community and every single person who is a part of it!  The six women they featured, as well as many, many more are beyond amazing.  I have found so much inspiration, encouragement, and motivation from being a part of this than I ever could have dreamed, and I am forever grateful and blessed for it!

Anyways, on to the rest of my day!  I went to bed with a great plan of how this morning was going to go:  breakfast, early morning run, shower/get ready for the day, church, grocery shopping, then heading back to my hometown for a birthday celebration.

Here’s what actually went down:  alarm goes off at 7, I turn it off and go back to sleep for three more hours.  I did eat breakfast, shower, and go grocery shopping, but I was physically, mentally, and emotionally just burnt out.  I think the sleep was just what the doctor ordered!

Once I finally did get up, I threw together a yogurt mess containing vanilla Chobani, 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1/3 cup raw oats, and 1 T chia seeds.

It looked this nice for about 0.0005 seconds after I took the picture.  I promptly mixed it all together and enjoyed the wonderful goodness.

I headed to the grocery store after an unusually long, hot shower.  It still amazes me the types of things I put in my cart these days:  raw sugar and Greek yogurt and cauliflower and bananas and spinach.  I eat stuff now I never, ever would have dreamed of before, and what’s even more amazing, is that I love it!

Once I got home from the store I had just enough time to put away what needed to be, throw together some food for the road, and head back out.  I had some carrots and sugar snap peas with hummus.

And a Ginger Snap LaraBar.  This was, by far, one of my favorite flavors that I’ve tried yet!

(In case you’re wondering, veggies and hummus are not actually the best food to eat while you’re driving…)

I had to go back home today for my grandma’s 84th birthday celebration!  I was quite proud of myself for passing up both cake and ice cream!  I knew I didn’t need it and the LaraBar really did great at satisfying my sweet tooth.

I did, however, indulge in a pumpkin spice latte on the drive back home.  What can I say, they’re so good!

Tonight was the first of a four night class at my church on A Holistic Vision for Healthy Living.  I think it’s going to be right up my alley.  I loved tonight’s session and I’m really excited to see what the next three bring.  I’ll post all my thoughts once it’s all done.

I threw together a quick dinner once I finally made it back to my house.  Convenience was the name of the game tonight, my friends.  Quick and easy, hence:   Morningstar Chik’n nuggets with BBQ sauce and frozen corn.

I’ll be honest, I really just wanted something I could eat with BBQ sauce.  I had such a craving for it tonight!

What’s one thing you love about the healthy living blogging community? I love the support/encouragement and all the great ideas I find!

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  1. 10.4.10 11:59 am

    I was totally thrown off by the article, too. It’s just sad because from being a part of the community like you and I are, we know how “off” the article is. But to the millions of MC readers out there who don’t know a thing about the healthy living community, this is just an awful way to be introduced to the community.

    My favorite part about the healthy living community is two fold. First, I love getting new recipe ideas and ingredient ideas from other bloggers. And second, I love the support the community provides. Sometimes I am feeling down a do a post about my struggles, and the ourpour of support is just incredible and makes me realize why i became a part of this community in the first place.

    • 10.4.10 5:30 pm

      I sent the link to a couple friends who both know about my blog and one referenced something, I think about Caitlin, and said it was a little extreme. I countered that, you’re right, it would be if there were truth to it! So frustrating!

      I definitely agree with the support…even something as simple as a “you can do it” on Twitter when I don’t feel like getting to the gym can be just the thing I needed!

  2. 10.5.10 8:13 pm

    I have tons of comments, but the most important is…just like in life, every single person is in charge of their own feelings and emotions. If they feel like they are comparing themselves to much to another blogger, then it is time to step back. Marie Claire should be ashamed that they published an article that is so one-sided.

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