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I write about healthy living, not being a fashionista.


I have to admit…fashion is really not my thing.  Hence, I write about healthy living, not being a fashionista.  So, when I put together an outfit that magically looks really cute, I get excited.   Today was one of those days, my friends.  I know it’s nothing super special, but you know those combinations where what you’re wearing comes together just so and makes you feel extra sassy and adorable?  This was it.

Anyways…enough about my fashion sense, or lack thereof.  On a more relevant note, thanks for your kind words on my post from this morning about why I blog!

I feel like my body is finally getting adjusted to this morning boot camp thing…which is perfect timing since it ends on Friday!  (Where is the sarcasm font when you need one?)  I don’t have a gigantic appetite like I did the first couple of weeks and I’ve been needing my second breakfast a little later every day.

This morning was simple:  frosted mini wheats with almond milk.  I added about 1/2 a tablespoon each of flax and chia seeds to give it a little extra something to stick to the ribs.  Half a cup of milk was definitely not enough.  It all got absorbed by the time I finished taking my picture!

I had a lunch meeting today which means two things in my mind:  1) a working lunch = going home earlier in the afternoon, and 2) free food!  Both very good things, in my book.  I had pizza (this times two)

and a fabulously good, just enough doughiness to be perfectly soft and chewy M&M cookie.

I can’t lie.  I would have eaten a dozen of these, they were that good.

I get to hang out with my favorite group of high school freshman girls tonight.  I love getting to pour into their lives every week!

What’s your favorite kind of cookie? I really like chocolate chip or snickerdoodles (especially because it’s a fun name to say!).

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  1. 10.7.10 2:54 am

    That outfit is magically cute!
    I recently got a light pink, plaid, button-up shirt.
    I wore it today and I felt adorable. I am like you, definitely not a fashionista, but there are those days where your outfit just comes together 🙂

  2. 10.7.10 7:28 am

    That is a super cute outfit. You look great in it, Mindy! My favorite kind of cookie is definitely chocolate chip, but really, I love any cookie. I just made snickerdoodle blondies with m&m’s in them. So good! I could have a dozen of those, too, if I really wanted the tummy ache that would follow.

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