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a little of this, a little of that.


So, yesterday ended up being a lot of random foods. I grabbed my bagel for breakfast and had every intention of going to grab something at lunchtime. The only problem is that once lunchtime rolled around absolutely nothing sounded good. At least nothing that was close enough for me to actually go get. Chipotle sounded amazing but it was much too far away for the time I had.

I ended up eating a complete mish-mash of foods throughout the day. Some almonds, a pack of Swiss Cake rolls, something else I can’t remember, and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

Oh, and a much needed (okay, okay, much desired…) glass of wine. Yep, the wine is the only thing I remembered to take a picture of all day. Gotta love it!

Today, has been a busy day! I co-hosted a bridal shower, so I spent the morning doing last minute stuff for that, then actually having it. I grabbed a quick breakfast on my way out the door: Kashi waffles with almond butter.

Remember the shower I went to a couple weeks ago? Picture that food all over again! We seriously had almost the exact same stuff. This time around, I had some of the mostacholi, salad, fruit, and a piece of bread.

And, a piece of heaven cake.

Congratulations, my dear friend!

I’m so honored you invited me to be a part of this exciting time in your life!

All but one of the bridesmaids and the beautiful bride-to-be had to have the obligatory picture!

Once I got home from the shower, I packed up all my stuff because I’m house sitting again! I’m here for a week this time, so last night, I cooked up a bunch of food to bring with me so I’d have meals for the week without having to worry about finding my way around someone else’s kitchen. With all the stuff, I brought, you would think I’m going to be here at least two weeks. I have a problem. It’s called seriously overpacking. At least, I know my weaknesses!

I kind of feeling like I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all day! It’s great to just sit and stare at a computer screen for a bit!

In the midst of all of this busyness, I’ve been missing the big game: Michigan versus Michigan State! Go GREEN! Tonight is also the homecoming game for my alma mater (Go Lakers!!!), but I’m missing that because I’ve got something way better lined up: Lady Antebellum is performing in Grand Rapids tonight!!! I’m super excited!

Michigan or Michigan State? Is it go blue or go green for you? Or could you really care less?!

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  1. 10.9.10 5:04 pm

    hmm… I’ll say go green, because my ducks are green 😉 I’m all the way over here in Oregon.

    have a great time tonight – super fun!! 😀

  2. Kristie permalink
    10.9.10 5:08 pm

    Michigan all the way… I admit, I was sad to read your go green :(. Not sure I feel confident the Wolverines can pull this out but I’m still rooting for them all the way!

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