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there’s always something.


last night.

I have this problem when I pack to go someplace. Inevitably, there is something I forgot. It’s usually something small and easily replaceable with a quick trip to the drugstore. As I was getting ready to head out for a quick run last night, I realized the thing I forgot this time around: socks. Not a single pair anywhere to be found.

Since I knew I wouldn’t have time to get anything in tonight, I wanted to do something, but I knew a run was out unless I drove home to get socks. Thankfully, I still had my weights in my car from boot camp, so I grabbed those for some strength training.

I did three sets of this circuit:

  • 15 bench dips
  • 20 bicep curls
  • 20 tricep curls
  • 3 WITYs
  • 20 military presses
  • 20 chest flys
  • 20 crunches
  • 15 push ups

After every couple exercises, I ran up and down a flight of stairs to get a little cardio in there, too.  By the end of the last set, I was definitely feeling it.

Before I started working out, I enjoyed a glass of white wine.

I could have sworn I took a picture of dinner, as well…but alas, nowhere to be found. I think I may have been a little overanxious to eat, perhaps? I had some BBQ baked tofu and corn.

BBQ baked tofu just might be one of my new favorite things. It was so good!

Since I was just hanging out around the house last night, I had some good company.

Another glass of wine, some chick lit, and Glamour. Confession: I only bought the magazine because Taylor Swift is on the cover. I usually stick with my subscriptions of Women’s Health, Shape, and Runner’s World, but I couldn’t resist this when I saw it at the store. If I ever get the opportunity to meet her, y’all will probably hear about it for a really long time. You know, just like that time I met Carrie Underwood. So, that was actually before I started blogging…but I can’t resist brining it up when I can!

And, of course, Tuesday night isn’t complete without Glee! Oh hey, Mr. Shue!


I went back to my standard this morning:  cereal and milk.

So simple and easy, but so good.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Make it a good one!

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  1. 10.13.10 10:34 am

    Funny. I have those same three magazine subscriptions. Women’s Health is my fav though.

  2. 10.13.10 4:28 pm

    I have that problem when I travel too.
    I forgot my toothbrush once and had to ask the hotel people for one. The bristles kept falling out and it was awful. Like eating hair >.<

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