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it took some muscle.


Dear can opener and can of Libby’s,

Next time I try to open a can of pumpkin, please cooperate. All I wanted was some fall-ness in my yogurt, is that so much to ask?

Love, Mindy

Seriously, all I wanted this morning was to have a pumpkin-y breakfast and I had the hardest time getting the can opener to cooperate! It took far longer than it should have, a solid few minutes. My BFF/roommate found it quite hilarious, in all honesty I did too, but really, I just wanted to eat my breakfast! It took some serious muscle and effort, but I finally got it open and was able to throw together a pumpkin yogurt mess to eat on the road.

My mess contained whatever was left in a container of plain Chobani (1/2ish cup), 1/2 cup canned pumpkin, 1/2 cup raw oats, a drizzle of honey, and a generous sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.

I was traveling for work today. Traveling, being a generous word to say the least. But, the great thing is the university campus I was at has a dairy store with lots of great homemade goodies. My car may have somehow navigated it’s way to said dairy store before I had to head back to Grand Rapids. And, I may have felt so inclined to go in and get an ice cream cone.

Can I just say how much I love photo editing software? The ice cream looked super blue in that picture before I doctored it up.

Thanks, iPhoto.

Once I got back into town, I grabbed some take out for a late lunch from one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Marie Catrib’s. I got the same thing I always do at Marie’s: a sweet potato and quinoa burger with a side of seasoned potatoes. It is an epic combination.

I ended up eating half of each. Marie’s is definitely one of those places that the meal comes with so much than I can never eat the whole meal…but I love it just as much as leftovers, so that works in my favor.

The downfall? I have a dinner event to attend tonight…in like 45 minutes…and I’m still full. Such is life.

Do you always get the same thing at restaurants or do you mix it up?

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  1. 10.19.10 5:25 pm

    depends on the restaurant… we have a couple that we love because the food is so good, so we always want to try something new…

    our regular pub down the street that we probably visit once a week? we usually get the same things… 2 or 3 items that we always order 🙂

    your lunch looks REALLY good ! 😀

  2. 10.20.10 12:38 pm

    I’m terrible at trying new stuff at restaurants, I always stick with the same ol’ thing. I need to learn how to branch out more 🙂

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