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around the world in three days.


What a busy day! I had a bridal shower for a co-worker, then Andrea and I went to the mall before heading to her place to work on stuff for her wedding (which is only three weeks away, holy crap!!).

Once the wedding prep stuff was done, the two of us, along with her current roommate, Jacqueline, went out for a tasty Mexican dinner! I heart Mexican food. And, yes, in the matter of a few days, I’ve been all over the world, cuisine-wise. Thai, Ethiopian, AND Mexican. American food has got nothing on the rest of the world. No joke.

We shared some chips and salsa to start.

We all got margaritas. Mine and Jac’s were on the rocks. They were so not margaritas, it was like drinking straight tequila shots, it was ridiculously strong. Thank goodness Andrea’s was not nearly as strong since she was the one driving!

I had the veggie wet burrito and it was good…not the most amazing thing I’ve ever had, though.

There are definitely leftovers for another day. It was SO much food.

And, now it’s 9:30 on a Saturday night and I could seriously go to sleep right now. With that, I’m going to go curl up with a blanket and a good book.

Hope y’all are having a most excellent Saturday!

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  1. 10.23.10 9:52 pm

    the burrito looks and sounds great… I just really cannot stand when they use the term “wet” .

    why not “saucy” ? 🙂


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