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pomegranate love.


One of things I look forward to in the fall is lots of pumpkin pomegranates! But, the first time I ate one, I cut it open and all I could think was “okay…what now?” when I saw what the fruit looked like on the inside.

Step one: throw on an apron or wear something you don’t mind getting stained. When you’re working with the pomegranate, you will make a mess (especially the first couple times, if you’re anything like me).

Step two: on a cutting board or clean counter top, cut the pomegranate into four sections.

Step three: one section a time, in a bowl of warm water, use your fingers to push arils (the juice filled, seed-like sacs) away from the fleshy cream colored part. Some of the arils you’ll be able to catch with your hand, but the rest can just sink to the bottom until you’re done.

Step four: once you’re done with all four sections, you’re almost done.

Strain out the water so you can get to all the arils sitting at the bottom of the bowl (you can also just reach in and grab them out of the water, either way works). If there’s any small pieces of the flesh part left, pick those out.

At this point, you should be left with two piles: the pomegranate skin and flesh

And the wonderfully juicy arils, which you just eat whole (seeds and the juice).

I love to just eat them on their own, but get creative in the kitchen! Enjoy!

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