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just another manic monday.


Crazy, crazy day.  But first, let’s rewind.


I was throwing together a bowl of what was supposed to be overnight oats before I made dinner…and then decided I really wanted the oats right then and there.  So, I ate them.  My overnight (but not really overnight) oat mix contained 1/3 cup raw oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, 2/3 cup pumpkin, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, and some honey and pumpkin pie spice.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Monday.  I have to be honest:  I am kind of missing this whole boot camp/morning workout thing.  I never, ever thought I’d say that.  I set my alarm for 5 am to get back in that groove, but when I was still wide awake at 2, I changed my alarm back for what little sleep I’d still be able to get.


I heart bagels.  I know they’re terribly unhealthy, especially when they’re loaded with cream cheese.  But, they’re so good.  I love them and I don’t care who knows.  So, I had one for breakfast, the usual from the usual local place:  salsa pepperjack with veggie cream cheese.  Delicious.

It was just the thing I needed for what ended up being an absolutely insane morning!  You know those days where you’re already busy and then you get about 13 other things thrown at you that have to be done right now?  Yep, that was today; I was running around like crazy until 12:30!


I was craving some veg like it was nobody’s business.  Bring on the salad, my friends!  I really don’t remember all of what I threw in there…spinach, cucumbers, mushrooms, banana peppers, sunflower seeds, some cranberry seeds, and…other stuff?.

And, an Odwalla drink!

Time to head out to yoga!  I’ll catch y’all up on the rest of my day soon!

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  1. 10.25.10 7:50 pm

    ah… I really don’t care for that song much… but it TOTALLY reminds me of car rides to the mountain to ski, and that is very cool… thank you for putting THAT awesome memory in my head.


    I love that you were preparing oats, and ate them then!! 😀

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