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Double the bagels, double the fun.

Remember this little guy from yesterday?

I had the exact same thing again today.  It was just as good as yesterday.  Maybe even better since I wasn’t running around my office like a crazy person trying to get things done.  It’s amazing how much better food can taste when you have a chance to sit down and actually enjoy what you’re eating!

In other news, can you take two seconds to vote for a couple things?  (Think of it as practice for next week’s elections!)

First, from Caitlin at Operation Beautiful:

VOTE for Operation Beautiful to win the Amway Positivity Project! If we win, $10,000 goes to Girls on the Run International, a self-esteem building program for 8 – 10 year old girls that has helped over 1 million young ladies.  No registration required to vote – just a little click!

Second, my city does a HUGE race every May…there’s a 5K, 1oK, and 25K.  For the 25K, they pick 10 “road warriors” who all train with a coach and blog about their experiences.  My friend Amy is in the running and this year they’re doing a public vote to pick one of the team members.  Can you visit the Road Warrior Vote and send one Amy Poplaski’s way?



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