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Hi lovelies!  Happy hump day!  Although, I have tomorrow and Friday off of work, so today is my “Friday” which couldn’t have come at a better time.  The past few days have felt a bit never ending!

Today is the 23rd birthday for a co-worker, Aubrie. Happy birthday, Aubrie!

I volunteered to bring in the birthday treat this time around and kind of did a cop-out with a boxed cake mix…but I subbed applesauce for the oil and flax “eggs” for the real eggs.

I had one (plus one last night).  Confession:  today’s may have been my breakfast.

Everyone really liked them, even after they found out they were healthified.

We had a lunch meeting with one of the higher-ups in my company.  We do these with him two or three times a year, so he has an opportunity to talk with us face-to-face and give any updates on what is happening.

My (undocumented) plate contained some pasta with marinara sauce, some salad, a couple pieces of bread, and two chocolate chip cookies.  YUM.

For the youth group I volunteer with, tonight is RELA (as in RELAtionship, so pronounced “relay”) night where we don’t meet at the church and go out and do some kind of bonding activity with our group.  My girls and I are meeting at Biggby (a coffee shop chain) to hang out and talk for a couple hours.  It was my “crap, I forgot to think of plans so here’s what I’ve got off the top of my head” idea the night we had to submit our plans to the church.  I don’t know how much high school freshman actually drink coffee, but there’s a Subway in the same building, so they can get a soda or something.

Help me think of ideas for the next RELA night:  what did you like to do/where did you hang out when you were a freshman in high school?

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  1. 10.27.10 10:02 pm

    When I was in high school, we loved spending time at Panera, so I’m sure that the coffee shop will be just fine!

  2. 10.28.10 10:08 am

    I liked going to the mall when I was in high school because that was the only option!

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