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Happy Halloween! Did y’all see Google’s Doodle today?  Scooby Doo!  And, five different images, no less!

Thanks to Beth and Bri for writing a couple guest posts for me while I was taking a bit of a break this weekend.

I want to know what happened to the month.  I seriously feel like I was just figuring out my October goals.  I definitely was not nearly as successful as I would have hoped.  My strongest point was cutting back on Diet Coke; I only drank it three times throughout the course of the month.  One thing I realized is that when I make too many goals that are fairly vague and overarching, they’re harder to complete.  So, that being said, I am going to look back at the past month and come up with some more concrete ideas for November.  Hmm…time to put the thinking cap on, dearies!

Confession time:  Hilary Duff is one of my favorite people in young Hollywood.  I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders.  I was really excited to see her on the cover of this month’s Health magazine.  It’s not one I usually read, but I bought it anyways.  I really liked what she had to say about body confidence:

I have issues and insecurities just like everybody else…I really do feel like working out has helped because you’re working hard for something.  You feel stronger and a little more powerful.  There’s no trick though.  I hate my arms.  Nobody is ever perfect, but it helps to look for things to feel good about, rather than things to feel bad about.

They also started the interview talking about moderation and Hil talking about how it’s okay to eat a few bites of the things you love.  Personally, I feel that it’s so much healthier to allow yourself your favorite super indulgent foods every so often, and it’s okay to have a little something sweet every day.

What’s your favorite indulgent food? My rare treat indulgences are cheesecake or tiramisu.

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  1. 11.1.10 12:33 pm

    Carrot cake. That is my favorite indulgent food. Also, homemade apple pie with ice cream. Anything else just pales in comparison. I enjoyed Hilary Duff’s article, too. It really is much better to focus on what you like about yourself and the overall benefits of working out beyong external appearance. Focusing on the fact that your tummy pokes out a bit or that your arms are more wobbly than you’d like is just silly and really doesn’t help you or anyone else!
    I need some concrete goals for November, too. I feel like the entire year has escaped me and that I need to hold on to the rest of the year with all of my might in order to ensure that it doesn’t escape too quickly!

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