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and the world spins madly on.


sammie creations.

So, I’ve talked fairly frequently over the past month or so of my newfound love for the peanut butter, honey, and apple sandwich.  Since that was such a success, at least in my mind, I thought I’d do a bit of experimentation tonight.

Hence, the almond butter, pumpkin, and apple sandwich.

Good, yes…but not nearly as good.  At least I used up the last bit of that can of pumpkin.  (If you think that my pumpkin love has ceased simply because Halloween is over, you are sadly mistaken.  We’ve got another few weeks of appropriate pumpkin usage!)

the weepies.

Tonight was a quick dinner because The Weepies were in town!

I have been a fan of this husband/wife duo for a few years now and was absolutely thrilled to find out they were coming to G-Rap!  Ashley and Allie joined me for the evening (and let’s not discuss how many pictures we had to take to get just one semi-okay one).  They are two of my favorite people!

They have a quality show.  The transitions between songs aren’t exactly polished, but there’s such a raw quality about their music that it fits, but I love that they use the time to tell stories about their life and their music.

Do yourself a favor and check out their music.  It soothes my soul.

miss lindsey.

Before I left for the show, I got a wonderfully pleasant surprise:  Lindsey is home!  Lindsey is the super adorable, wonderful, cute, cuddly dog of my BFF/roommate, Michelle.  Otherwise known as my niece puppy (one of them, anyhow).  Lindsey has been at Michelle’s parents at “summer camp” for a few months and I have missed having her around!

Welcome home, puppy!

She’s kind of shy (at least, that’s what she’d like you to think).

Oh, and one other little thing…the GIANTS won the WORLD SERIES!!!  Hell yeah!  So excited!

What a great evening it was!  Hope your week has started off well, my loves!

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  1. 11.2.10 7:23 am

    That puppy is SERIOUSLY precious!! It makes you want to hug her!

  2. 11.2.10 1:51 pm

    That pup is FANTASTIC! So cute.

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