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so this is what it feels like.


I’m buying a new camera this weekend, that’s all there is to it. Mine is shot and I feel a bit like I lost the use of my right arm without it.  Okay, that might be a bit of overkill.  Seriously though, a girl gets used to carrying it around!


I remember back in August how bummed those that weren’t attending the Healthy Living Summit were about it.  I didn’t quite understand why they were so disappointed.  Then again, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into either.

But, now I know the awesomeness of such blogger events and understand the disappointment, since I’m now feeling it.  I am bummed to not be on my way to San Fran this weekend for the FoodBuzz fest!  I’m envious.  So many friends, blends, and the potential new friends all in one place.  Exploring a fun city together.  Eating great food.  Not being the only one to take pictures of all my food before I eat it.

I wish I was there.  But, I’m not, so I’ll be living vicariously through all of you who are, so have an epic adventure and blog about it a lot because I can’t wait to hear all the stories!

Remember how one of my coworkers, Sarah, went to Uganda?  Well she’s been back for a little over a week, but today she shared some of her pictures and videos from the trip.  Ugandan people are beautiful.  I adore all those children and all I saw was the pictures.  I want to wrap them all up in my arms for a big hug.

But, not only did we get pictures, she prepared us a traditional Ugandan meal.  It is quite simple, basic food that they eat:  white rice, a stew of potatoes, beans, some veggies, and water, and chapati bread.  From what she said, the bread is actually a considered a treat.

Tomorrow starts a bit of a weight loss challenge with me and two other people that work on my floor.  Confession:  I may have eaten an abnormally large amount of food for dinner tonight (such as a whole Kashi frozen pizza plus chips and salsa) to make the initial weigh-in tomorrow a bit higher.

I know I’ve written in the past that I’m comfortable where I’m at, which is true, but at the same time, I still do want to reach my goal.  Plus, there’s money involved, so that gets me moving!  If I lose a pound, each of the other two girls gives me fifty cents, but if I gain a pound, I give fifty cents to each of them.  I think it will be a lot of quarters being passed around, but I have a bit of a competitive streak, so that’s what gets me really fired up.  I want to win!

Today’s little thing was an unexpected, but wonderfully sweet and thoughtful, surprise.  Someone from work brought me a box of European chocolates and a nice note to say thank you for being so helpful the past several weeks.  It made me smile.

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  1. 11.5.10 3:12 pm

    I just decided to sign up with Foodbuzz after falling in love with blogging these past few months, and I am so feeling you on not being there with everyone. HLS was so much fun that it is hard knowing what we are missing!

    I’m so impressed with your weight loss challenge. I also lost a good amount of weight with WW, and I just recommitted to reaching my goal, too. I’m happy where I am, but I know there is more for me to do to reach my goal! Good luck– I look forward to hearing more about it 🙂

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