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daylight sleeping time.


Did y’all remember to turn your clocks back last night?

Fortunately, mine (at least the ones that matter…phone and alarm clock) all switch automatically.  Not that it matters though, because I used the extra time to sleep.  Daylight sleeping time, if you will.

It felt amazing to get up when my body was ready to, rather than when my evil alarm clock told me to.  Well, this is only somewhat true.  I did actually set my alarm to get up for church, but I promptly turned it off and went back to bed when it started buzzing at 7:30.

Best decision of the whole weekend, dear ones.  I feel more well rested than I have all week.

Once I finally rolled out of bed, I grabbed a bowl of cereal and lounged in front of the TV for awhile.

Lazy weekend mornings rule!

I had my first ever blogger meet up today!  (Excluding the Healthy Living Summit, anyhow.)  Andi and I have been “blends” via our blogs and Twitter for awhile now and talked about hanging out in real life for probably just as long.  Today was the day!  It was so fun to meet a blog friend in person!

While we were chatting, I enjoyed a peppermint mocha.  I may not be ready for winter itself, but I’m super excited for winter-y drinks.

I did a little reading while I waited for her arrival.  I am really enjoying The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo thus far.  Almost everyone who has read it warned me that the first 50 or so pages are a bit difficult to get through, but then it gets a lot better.

They were right.

I’m hooked and really can’t wait to find out what happens to all the characters!

I headed to a yoga class at the Y after coffee.  This class was with a teacher I’ve never had before and it was a bit underwhelming.  It was the first time I’ve practiced since my hot yoga class which I absolutely loved, so I feel like it was not nearly as challenging, comparatively speaking.  Despite not being as great of a class as I would have liked, it still felt good to stretch and work my muscles for an hour.  What I really need to do is just starting going to an actual studio.  I just can’t bring myself to pay for that in addition to my Y membership.

For my yogi friends, where do y’all practice?  At a studio, at the gym, at home?

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