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enjoy it while it lasts.


I woke up this morning convinced that it was at least Wednesday, maybe even Thursday.  I was a bit disappointed when I realized that it was actually only Tuesday.  Only briefly disappointed though, because this particular Tuesday holds two great things:  first, a new episode of Glee and even more exciting (although only slightly because I love me some Glee) is the iTunes jackpot of new releases from Reba McEntire and Dave Barnes (including a duet with Hilary Scott, the female singer in Lady Antebellum!!!).

These albums are most definitely my little thing for the day.

Well, that and it was warm enough that I walked out of work without my jacket this afternoon.  And, drove home with my window open.  That just doesn’t happen this time of year in Michigan people!

I just might have to break my “no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving” rule just for Mr. Barnes’ Christmas album.  I already broke my “no Christmas/winter-y drinks until after Thanksgiving” rule, so let’s just throw it all out the window, shall we?

My eats were a bit boring today:  breakfast was a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with almond milk.  I decided I’m just not sold on this box.  I’ll finish it off, but then I’m quite content with my normal GoLean! Crunch.

I got outside for a walk on my lunch break.  I have to enjoy this beautiful weather while I can!!  When I got back, I threw together a peanut butter and honey sandwich, with some carrots and hummus on the side.

It almost feels like what I would have had for lunch as a kid, except I was weird and hated peanut butter (unless it was paired with chocolate!) and certainly wouldn’t have touched hummus.  Not with a ten foot pole.  My how things can change.

Dinner was an exact repeat of last night:  nachos with refried beans, vegan cheese, and salsa.  In other words, it was equally unexciting as the rest of my meals.

Gotta jet, laundry is calling my name.  In other words, one of my least favorite household tasks is calling my name.  Maybe I wouldn’t dread it so much if I didn’t wait until I had a gigantic pile consisting of the majority of my closet.  It just becomes such a daunting task at that point!  I do, however, really love vacuuming.  Grocery shopping, too.

What are your favorite and most dreaded tasks around the house?

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