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november 9 #fitblog.


I participated in the #fitblog chat last night for the first time in ages!  I still cut out a bit early, but I enjoyed being a part of the chat again!

Question 1:  What opportunities have opened for you because of blogging?
The first thing that came to mind was the friends/”blends” I have made.  It was such a great  feeling walking into the Healthy Living Summit and feeling like I already knew so many people and there were so many familiar faces.  I think that through blogging, I’ve really started to figure out what I want to do with my life.  I’m figuring out who I am and who I want to be in a way that I didn’t know before I started writing in this way.

Question 2:  Healthy holiday traditions: do you have any to share?  How have your celebrations changed over the years?

Umm..ignorance is bliss?  Seriously though, these next couple months are probably the hardest time of the year for me.  Through the holidays, I tend to be a lot more lenient than I am the rest of the year. A third second serving of grandma’s homemade apple pie?  Okay, don’t mind if I do!  This year, I really want to make a more conscious effort to enjoy myself, the great food, and the time with family, but not go overboard.  Plus, now that I’m older and expected to help contribute food to family dinners, I can bring something I know is a healthy, nutritious option.  So, this doesn’t really answer the question exactly, but it’s where I’m at right now!

Question 3:  Staying active through seasons – how do things like time change and weather changes affect your routines?

Well, let’s be honest.  Michigan winters  are amongst my least favorite things in the world and I’m a big baby about it.  I don’t do well with the  cold, so I exercise almost  exclusively indoors for about four or five months out of the year.  I feel like I’m a lot more active in the warmer months, if for no other reason than I want to be outside and enjoy nice weather while it’s around.

Question 4:  In honor of Veterans Day, share a way that YOU make the world a better place (and honor their service).

First, I have nothing but immense respect for everyone who serves our country with the military.  I am grateful to everyone that dedicates their life to protecting our freedom.  Thank you!

As for me, I think the first thing that comes to mind is the high school girls I mentor.  I don’t know how much it makes the world a better place, but I hope that I’m making a bit of a positive difference in their lives.

Question 4.1:  What causes are you passionate about?

I love, love, love nonprofit organizations (so much so that I have a master’s degree in nonprofit management).  A couple that I really love are To Write Love on Her Arms and Invisible Children.  On a broader scale, organizations that seek to reach out to people going through a tough phase in their life and try to offer a bit of hope and light in that darkness.

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