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a lot of little things.


I have been absolutely terrible at remembering to post my “little things” that I’m thankful for/bring me joy.

It’s not that they’re not there, believe me, they are.  I just forget to write about them.  So with that, here’s a lot of little things as of late.

Standing up in a dear friend’s wedding (and successfully giving the MOH speech).

Taking “me” time to read (one of my favorite hobbies).  I heart books.

How cozy the scent of a sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle makes the house feel.

The anticipation of the holidays. I might not love winter, but I adore Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s!

Coffee dates.

Talking to my nephew on his fifth birthday.

Coming home to an über-cute pup (or two).

Amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Great new music on my iPod.

Curling up with a blanket, a soft sweatshirt, and a hot cup of tea on a cold day.

There is so much in life to be thankful for and appreciate, my friends!


I’ve been sticking with the not very exciting combination of milk and cereal for breakfast the past few days, but I mixed it up a bit this morning:  Greek yogurt and raw oats!

The drizzle of honey was the key to making it a most excellent start to the morning!

Did y’all watch Glee last night?  I was admittedly skeptical about Gwyneth’s guest appearance, but I was quite surprised at her performance.  The woman did a great job.  Plus, can we just talk about how much I love that they can incorporate Cee Lo Green AND Chicago AND Singing in the Rain into one episode?

What song would you love to hear covered on Glee? I would love to see something like Dashboard Confessional or The Smiths, but I think that more indie kind of music will never make it on the show.

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