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november 16 #fitblog.


1.  How much sleep do you typically get? What interferes with your ability to get the sleep you need?

Generally about 6 or 7 hours on a weeknight, and 8 to 10 on the weekends.  The biggest thing for me is I have a very hard time falling asleep.  I haven’t really found anything that helps me fall asleep quickly.  Rather, my brain often goes into overdrive once I crawl into bed.

1.1  How does sleep (or lack of) affect your health? Your fitness? Your attitude?

On one hand, I think I’ve become accustomed to the amount of sleep I get, so it doesn’t affect me too much anymore.  But, on the nights I get less, it definitely leaves me feeling lethargic, lazy, and a bit cranky.  One thing I have noticed is if I am starting to get sick, I need to up the sleep I get a lot and it really helps me fight off illness.

2.  Do you work out with friends or by yourself? What activities do you like to do in groups; what do you prefer taking on alone?

I’m generally a fan of working out on my own.  It is a great opportunity to zone out and have some “me” time.  My main solo activity is running, but occasionally the elliptical.  The group classes I love are yoga (love, love, love!) and Zumba.

2.1.  Ever made a love connection or found new friends at the gym?

Definitely not a love interest…not to say I don’t look!  Ha.  Seriously though, there are a few people that I recognize and have an occasional conversation with, but I don’t know that I would consider any of them friends.  I’m usually so focused on getting in a good workout so I feel like I tune out those around me.

3.  If you could pick, would you have more page views or more comments?

When this question first came up during the #fitblog chat on Tuesday, my initial response was comments, hands down.  After reading other responses and thinking about it more, I recant that.  I would definitely go for page views.  While I do love when people take the time to leave a comment, the page views shows that people are still reading, even if they never say anything.  (Thanks to everyone who does read and comment!!)  Often I feel like I really don’t have anything that special or unique to contribute to the blogging community, but if someone can find value in my ramblings, that’s awesome.

4. What’s on your bucket list? It doesn’t have to be health or fitness related – just happiness related!

Oh man.  I have a LONG bucket list, but a couple that came to mind…

Health: reach my goal weight, run a marathon

Non-health: travel to someplace new every year (I’d love to visit all 50 states at some point!), write a book

Ultimately, there are so many things in this world that I want to see and experience!

4.1 How do you remind yourself of these goals? A dream board? Pen and paper lists? Keep them in your head?

Mostly, they are just ideas floating around in my head.  I do have a list written out on my computer, but I don’t look at it too often.  I think I might be better at making them all a reality if I were to not only look at it more, but print it out and leave it somewhere that I can see it on a regular basis.

brag: Mine isn’t health/fitness related this week, but (I think) I did a great job with my maid of honor speech on Saturday night!

#fitblog is “a 60-minute chat, moderated (lightly) by Katy and possibly others/guest moderators. The topics are timely — headlines, new studies, controversial news, etc. — and fun. This is a debate, but a friendly one. Participants will be encouraged to be honest, open and ask questions”.  Join us every Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern!  Go here, for more information.

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  1. 11.18.10 9:28 am

    Mindy, I think you always have something worthwhile to say! And I love that we are both dorks and have a few things in common (both love Taylor Swift, Glee, etc). I am lucky to have roomed with you in Chicago and to have found out how awesome you are. As for me, I get so giddy when I receive comments, and it is a very obvious way to see that people are still reading. So I would still say more comments.

  2. 11.18.10 12:24 pm

    I always miss #fitblog because I’m commuting from work to home at that time! 😛 Those are some great questions this week.

    Regarding comments/views, I like comments a lot, but I see the point that sometimes people just like to read and don’t want to say anything. I’d love to some day evoke responses from more people, but that’s alright.

    • 11.18.10 6:57 pm

      Yeah, it kind of stinks for y’all out west that it’s earlier in the evening…I, on the other hand, am practically ready for bed since it doesn’t wrap up until 10 here!

  3. 11.18.10 4:06 pm

    Since you like comments so much 😉 haha I love reading Q&As about bloggers. It’s a quick way to hear more about their thoughts on popular questions! I saw some tweets about #fitblog on Tuesday but I was out with some girlfriends, maybe I’ll join in next Tuesday!

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