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peanut butter + pizza.


You guys!  I got my first donations for the Girls on the Run Solemates program!  I am SO excited!!!  Thanks to Dr. Brown and Julie for being so awesome!

mexican addiction.

In other news…I am addicted to all things remotely Mexican cuisine this week.  I had another dipping variety bowl for lunch.  I seriously feel like I could eat this stuff two meals a day for the whole week and be perfectly content.  I would say three…but, come on, taco dip for breakfast?  Not quite appealing to me.


The announced a super cool event that’s going to happen in Grand Rapids in the spring.  It’s a ten day comedy festival called LaughFest; proceeds are going to our local Gilda’s Club.  Headliners are Mike Birbiglia, Bill Cosby, and drumroll please…Betty White!  So excited!  I would love to go to all three shows, but I think I’m going to see Betty since she doesn’t usually tour for a stand-up show.  Plus, she’s freaking awesome.  Confession:  I love watching the Golden Girls reruns.  Those ladies are too funny.


A few coworkers and I went out for happy hour/dinner tonight to 25 kitchen + bar.

They have great happy hour specials, so it’s a common one for us at happy hour.  Well drinks, house wines, and most of the beers are all $2.25, 9″ pizzas are $5.00, and appetizers are half off.

There’s nothing quite like a glass of merlot after a long day.  Well, I actually really could have gone for a beer, but the thought of something cold when I was already freezing just didn’t sound appealing!

They have the craziest pizza combos, so that is inevitably what I get.  Tonight, I went with the West African.

Onion, peanut butter, whole chili peppers, potato, squash, turnip, carrot, cabbage, tomato, and marinara.  That’s a lot of toppings on a little pizza, my friends!

Once I got all of the chile peppers picked off, it was really great.  I like spicy stuff, but it was just a lot little too much.  I ate half and the rest is waiting for another day.  I love leftovers!

What’s the craziest pizza toppings you’ve had? The peanut butter definitely took the cake for me!

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  1. 11.18.10 9:38 pm

    I actually have had peanut butter on pizza before. I am always trying cool toppings on my pizza. My favorite odd topping: mac and cheese!

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