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office coloring break.

Sometimes, I get paid to do actual work.  Others, I get paid to sit and color.  Today was all about the coloring.  We all contributed to make a virtual “happy birthday” greeting to one of the VIPs who is on a business trip.

My little piece of the puzzle.  Beautiful, no?  I think I’ll leave the artwork to Astrid.

Coloring is an awesome Friday afternoon distraction.  And yes, in case you were wondering, I do have crayons at my desk.  Naturally.

carb overload.

Lunch was leftover pasta from…Monday, I think it was?  In all honesty, I had forgotten about it until yesterday afternoon.  I think I was starting to push the limits on how long it would be good for.

Paired with half a piece of beer bread.  Hey carb  overload, how are ya?


I broke out my brand new, handmade Taylor Swift-esque headband today.  Some of the girls in my youth group made a bunch to sell.

We’re doing a six week project called turame that is modeled after a microfinance program of the same name that my church is actively involved in.  Turame a community finance lending program in Burundi (if you’re familiar with Kiva, it’s the same basic idea).  With Anthem involved in our program, it is an opportunity for the students to get creative, learn about what the people of Burundi experience, and raise funds that go directly to creating more loans.  My group of girls is making really fun hats…pictures of those still to come!

I’m off to enjoy my Friday night!  And, by enjoy, I mean curl up with a blanket, catch up on some TV from the week, and read.  Dinner is the rest of last night’s pizza and I might get adventurous and swing by Coldstone.  I am so content with my night it’s not even funny.

Have you ever supported anything similar to turame?

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  1. 11.19.10 6:04 pm

    I’m all about Kiva. 🙂

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