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strike two.


Well, a trip to the Y ended up not happening last night.  I started The Girl who Played with Fire this morning (I had three hours to read at work. Random, I know, but it’s a perk of the job every few weeks!) and I am hooked.  I was reading while I ate dinner and completely lost track of time.  Then, I dozed off and woke up just in time for Glee.

Such is life.  I think my sore hamstrings were quite okay for the day off.  Tonight though, the Y and I have a Zumba date!  I haven’t been to Zumba in AGES, so I’m really excited!


I made a pumpkin yogurt mess again this morning and for the second time in just as many tries, forgot the dang pumpkin pie spice!  Strike two.  My mix had a single serve container of vanilla Chobani, a cup of canned pumpkin, half a cup of oats, and a tablespoon of chia seeds.

Doesn’t it look so lonely without the pumpkin pie spice?  Okay, it really doesn’t look any different.  But, my belly knew the difference!


Holy sour apple, Batman!  I made my peanut butter, honey, and apple combo for a sammie.  It was delicious, but as I was snacking on the leftover pieces, oh man, were they ever sour!  I know Granny Smith’s are generally a tarter apple, but this one was crazy!

There has been a few mini sized pieces of dark chocolate along the way.  And, a Diet Coke.  It’s just been that kind of day.  Drama, drama, drama.

Only a couple more hours of work, then it’s a four day weekend!!!  I am so excited for some time to spend with family, relax, workout, read, and of course, eat!  And, no, not a bit of Black Friday shopping.  I avoid that like the plague!

Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend?

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