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winter wonderland.


Two things are official today:

First, winter has arrived in West Michigan with the first real snowfall of the season.  Downtown Grand Rapids was a little winter wonderland.  This is the time of year I completely dread.  My Facebook status this morning was “…and today’s snowfall is my annual reminder of why I live in the wrong state”.  Sad, but true.  I will complain about the snow a lot over the next several months, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Even the pup was cold, apparently.  When I walked into my bedroom after showering this morning, she had weaseled herself in partway under the covers!  What a goofball.

Second, I am officially sick.  My sore throat progressed into my head with some serious sinus pain and a horrible, horrible headache.  I went into work late this morning so I could sleep longer (almost twelve hours!), then left early so I could go to the doctor.  I plan on spending the next 24-48 hours cocooned in my bed.

It hurts to swallow, so I’ve been on a (mostly) liquid diet today.  Lattes, smoothies, and OJ are about it for me right now.

And, the only solid food I’ve had all day.  I am the epitome of healthy eating today, my friends.

I’m off to get some more sleep!

Do you have certain weather or a season that you dread when it starts (and rejoice when it ends)?

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  1. 12.2.10 1:24 am

    As a new Michigander (sp?) I loved seeing the snow this morning! It was my first real taste of a midwestern winter but everyone else here did the same thing you did…..ugh! It is pretty though.

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