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defying gravity.


Happy Saturday, lovelies!

I enjoyed the morning by lounging in bed for awhile.

Breakfast was a tasty yogurt mess made of vanilla Chobani, rolled oats, pecans, and blackberries.  It was an excellent combo!  I also had a peppermint mocha later in the morning.

The big excitement for today was driving down to Kalamazoo with my mom to see the touring production of Wicked!  It is my absolute favorite show, so I was thrilled!

I saw the show for the first time in New York in 2007.  The woman playing Galinda at the time was actually from my hometown!  What a small little world.

After mom and I had such a great time seeing Phantom of the Opera in May, I knew this would be a great (early) Christmas present.

I munched on some Skittles throughout the show.

Mom loved the show!  Another successful Christmas present!  Now, after two years in a row of theater tickets, I’m going to have to think of something really excellent for next year’s Christmas gift.

We stopped for a quick dinner on the way home.  A baked potato from Wendy’s completely hit the spot.

I definitely don’t think I ate enough today.  I think I’m still working on getting my full appetite back after being sick since I’m full after what I had today, even though it wasn’t a ton of food.

My mom and I are watching my sister Kris’ kids tonight while she and my brother-in-law are at a Christmas party, so I’m off to spend quality time with them

What is your favorite Broadway show?

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  1. 12.11.10 9:53 pm

    If you love ‘Wicked,’ we will get along fine. 😉

    My favorite Broadway show probably is ‘Wicked,’ but I’ve seen some other great ones, notably ‘Avenue Q’ and ‘Young Frankenstein.’ I’ve also seen ‘Cinderella’ just a couple years removed from playing the Fairy Godmother in a school production of it in eighth grade. I heart theater!

  2. 12.12.10 9:03 am

    I’ve never been to a broadway show before. Looks like such a fun time!

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