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eleven things.


What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

This prompt is from a few days ago and it is one that I have really struggled with.  Eleven things to eliminate is a lot!  Here’s what I came up with.

  • late nights + early mornings. I am horrible about the amount of sleep.  Most nights of the week, I simply don’t get anywhere near 8 hours of sleep.  In 2011, I want to make a more conscious effort to establish a better sleep schedule, especially on the weekends where I am so prone to sleeping in which ultimately throws me off.
  • an overabundance of stuff. I have a lot of junk around that I really don’t need.  Call it sentimental, call it pack rat.  I like to keep things and it piles up.  I want to make a strong effort to get rid of the things I have that I don’t need anymore by donating what I can and throwing away the rest.
  • negative self-talk. I love what Operation Beautiful stands for, but I am as guilty as anyone about finding my flaws.  I want to focus on the positive in 2011.
  • weight.  My weight loss journey started over four years ago.  I want 2011 to be the year I finally reach my goal.
  • overspending. I’ve written in the past week or so about working on my budget for the year.  I want to stay in the black every month (which will also help with number one, I think!)
  • time wasters. Facebook, game apps on my iPod, too much time online, etc.  While I don’t necessarily want to completely eliminate these things, I want to be more aware of how much time I actually spend doing them and cut back on that.
  • not getting involved. For awhile now, I have been saying I want to find places to volunteer and get involved with the couple young professionals organizations I’m technically a member of in Grand Rapids.  But, I don’t.  Laziness, fear of the unknown, I’m not sure why, but I just don’t.  In 2011, I want to change that and get involved.
  • excuses for not living an active lifestyle. I know that some days, it’s okay to not exercise or be active, but for me, I feel like I let one day turn into one week which turns into one month.  In 2011, I want to spend more time being active and getting fit.
  • coffee for breakfast. At least once a week, I go to the coffee shop and get a fancy coffee drink as my “breakfast”.  That is not a real breakfast, people!  You know it and so do I!  While I don’t plan to (nor do I want to) eliminate those drinks completely, I do need to stop counting them as my breakfast.
  • worrying what other people think of me. I am who I am, simple as that.  If other people don’t like it, that’s their deal, not mine.
  • superwoman syndrome. I think that this will help with so many of the aforementioned things, but I have this innate need to be a people pleaser, to attend every social event, to take on any project presented to me, to do it all (and, do it well, of course).  It’s okay to pass up a coffee date if I know I need to work out or a night out if I know I’m exhausted and need sleep.  I need to learn to know it’s okay to say “no”.

So, there you have it, the eleven things I can live without in 2011!

Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what’s happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. With Reverb 10, we’ll do both.

After work today, I headed over to Starbucks to meet my friend Amy for a coffee date that we were originally supposed to have two weeks ago.  First, she had to postpone, then I did, but tonight, it finally worked out.

I had a grande soy caramel macchiato.  After a couple months of pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas, it was nice to go back to an old favorite for a day.

Once I got home, I headed up some of the food I had cooked last night.  I had some tofu that I marinated and baked in Frank’s Red Hot.  I added some blue cheese crumbles to the reheated pieces.

Paired with a supersized baked potato topped with Earth Balance, sour cream, salt, and pepper.

I was watching E! News and fell asleep for like an hour.  I definitely wasn’t planning on that, but when I woke up, I felt more refreshed than I had all day, so I must have needed it!

Congrats to Caitlin and Operation Beautiful for winning the Amway Positivity Project!  I was thrilled to hear the great news (and may have shed a couple tears of happiness.  I’m such a sap!).

What is something you can eliminate in 2011?

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  1. 12.13.10 10:57 pm

    I need to come up with my own list of things to eliminate!
    One thing: talking myself out of things I want
    I do this way too much, and I am finally starting to listen to ME.

  2. 12.31.10 2:19 pm

    i am SO SO SO thankful that you suggested I check out your blog.
    I am finding you SO RELATE-ABLE !!!

    I am right there with you on THIS list too! (i just commented on your goals for 2011 post, and couldn’t believe how similar our plans were!)

    I need to rid myself of THIS STUFF too!

    you live in Grand Rapids? DO YOU ATTEND MARS HILL!?!?!?!
    ok. ending exciting rant.

  3. 12.31.10 10:16 pm

    Oh. My. Gosh. Basically, if I were to write my own list of 11 things, it would be almost identical to this! Good luck in accomplishing your goals!

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