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we plan, God laughs.


You know the whole “we plan, God laughs” saying?  I kind of feel that’s how part of my day has gone.  But, we’ll get there soon.  Let’s back up first.


The chili I made on Sunday tasted even better today since all the spices had time to stew (get it, stew?  chili?  haha).  The cheddar cheese was a great addition!

I’m trying to be more diligent about upping the amount of fruits and veg I get into my daily eats, so I paired my chili with some carrots and cucumber.  Hummus, too, of course.

By late afternoon, lunch had worn off, so I had some animal crackers for a snack. I may have reached into the candy jar on my desk a couple times, too.

the best laid plans.

When the temperatures are going to be in the 20s all day and you plan on going to the gym after work, don’t leave your gym bag in your car all day.  I realized it was there about an hour before I left work.  The idea of putting on freezing cold clothes sounded less than appealing, so I checked the class schedule and was excited to see yoga at 6:30.

So, instead, I went home after leaving the office and threw together some dinner.  Pasta with wilted spinach, sauce, mozzarella, and steamed broccoli.

It’s not a truly good pasta dinner, in my book, without bread so I made garlic toast on the side.

I cleaned up dinner and had some time to relax before I had to leave.  On my way to the car, I went to throw some recycling in the bin.  Our bin is at the top of a bit of a small incline which I didn’t realize was, more or less, a sheet of ice.  I tried to walk up, slipped, and in an attempt to catch myself, my phone and iPod that I had in my hand, went flying.

I found my phone right away (it’s hard to miss the hot pink case), but my iPod was a bit harder.  I searched around for a bit with no luck, so I went back inside to find a flashlight.  Thankfully I found the iPod, but that drama left me not much time to get to the Y.

I channeled my inner Danica Patrick and made it there with a few minutes to spare.  I walk up to the second floor and start to walk in the studio where the class was going to be held…and there is a roomful of people in downward dog.

Ah, see, today is not Wednesday which is when the 6:30 class happens.  Today is Tuesday when the class started at 5:45.  Awesome.  Since I hadn’t planned on cardio, I didn’t have my tennis shoes and Uggs are not meant for running.  After all that…home I went.

So, that’s the story of my night.  It has been far from what I anticipated, but life goes on.

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  1. 12.14.10 9:51 pm

    Holy YUM – delicious eats, as always!
    I wish I had animal crackers at home 🙂

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