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cookies make the day brighter.


I had to be to work early today.  Boohiss to that.  Okay, it was only thirty minutes early, so not that bad.  On the bright side, it also means I get to leave early which on a Friday is always fabulous.


Since I was in early, it was a quick breakfast.  Just cereal and milk.  And when I say quick, I mean it.  I literally ate standing up while getting things ready to head out the door.

I heart Kashi GoLean Crunch.

I had to proctor exams all morning which means three hours to sit around.  It’s a bit like watching paint dry on the excitement level, but it also means three hours to chill.  Or work on a half marathon training plan.  You know, since I’m running one in four months and all.  I think it’s getting close to being just what I want, but I’ve got a bit more tweaking to do.  I’m getting excited!!!


Much like breakfast, it was a quick lunch today at Subway.  I had my usual.  The veggie on honey oat.  Pepperjack cheese.  All the veggies.  Just a little bit of honey mustard.  Oh, and some chips on the side.

I’ve added a little something sweet since getting back to my desk in the form of Christmas cookies.  YUM.  Cookies shaped like snowmen and reindeer make the day a little brighter!

I will enjoy the holiday treats and I refuse to feel bad about it.  A couple extra cookies won’t kill me!

I’m headed to a wedding for a former coworker tonight!  It will officially bring wedding season 2010 to a close!  And with three bridal showers,  two bachelorette parties, and two weddings since mid-September, both I and my wallet are extremely happy it’s ending.

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