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congratulations, andy and aubrie.


As soon as I got out of work last night, I headed home to get ready to head back out for a wedding.  My former coworker, Aubrie, was getting married to her boyfriend of six years, Andy.  Their wedding was on the sixth anniversary of their first date.  Cute, right?

I’m all dressed up and ready to go!

On the way to the church, we saw the film crew for The Setup, the latest movie to be shot in Grand Rapids.  The movie’s stars?  50 Cent, Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillipe, and Jenna Dewan.  No big deal.  Sadly, we didn’t actually see any of them.

We walked in just as the bridal party was starting to walk down the aisle.  Oops.

The ceremony was quite lovely and Aubs made a beautiful bride.

After, we hightailed it back downtown for the open bar the reception.  I munched on some popcorn on the drive.

Blue Moon on tap?  Yes, please.  I had two over the course of the night.

The good thing about Friday night weddings?  The rest of my weekend is still wide open.  The bad thing about Friday night weddings?  We didn’t start eating until around 8:30.  I was so hungry.

A salad to start.

The majority of the guests went through the buffet line, but I had the vegetarian plate with rice and a ton of veg sauteed in some kind of soy sauce.

I forced myself not to completely inhale my food which was tough being so hungry.  It was like 9:00 by this point.  I could have eaten the centerpieces, it was that bad.

Okay, not really.

But, I did be sure to save room for cake.  Isn’t it so pretty?

That became a tiny piece of heaven on a plate.

And, there was the groom’s cake as well.

All in all, it was a lovely evening and I am so happy for my friend and her new husband.  Congratulations, to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

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  1. 12.18.10 3:56 pm

    what a pretty wedding! LOVE the groom’s cake 🙂 Kinda reminds me of something on Ace of Cakes haha

    That stinks you didnt get to see any of those celebs!!!

    and being hungry at an event is definitely the worst!

  2. 12.18.10 8:23 pm

    What a beautiful wedding!
    I hope you really had fun 🙂
    Loved the broom’s cake! Hahaha.

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