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workin’ 9 to 5.


Happy Saturday!!

I set my alarm for 8:30 to hit up the gym before I had to head out town.  Set, but forgot to turn on.  Oops.  Once I finally rolled out of bed (almost two hours later than planned), I threw together some breakfast.  I used the rest of a container of vanilla Chobani, then added in some cacao nibs, cinnamon vanilla almond butter, and rolled oats.

Once I got ready for the day, I hit the road.  With a quick detour.

A peppermint mocha kind of detour.

I was heading to the lovely campus of Michigan State University to make it two weekends in a row for theater.  This time around was 9 to 5.

Do you remember Diana DeGarmo from the third season of American Idol?  I’ve been a fan since she was on the show and robbed of winning came in second.  She is playing the role of Doralee, so I was thrilled to hear the touring production was coming so close!

It was a great show and the cast did a fabulous job!  It was a bit ridiculous how much Diana truly sounded like Dolly Parton!

Once I got home, I threw together a good dinner.  I made a big salad with lots of spinach, red onion, red pepper, tomato, some leftover buffalo tofu, bleu cheese, and some roasted garlic vinaigrette.

I tried to make some roasted brussels sprouts for the side.  But, I got sucked into an episode of Gilmore Girls and forgot to check on them, so they got a bit overdone.  They (mostly) tasted okay, so I ate about half of them.

This girl is off to enjoy a quiet Saturday night!  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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  1. 12.18.10 10:16 pm

    That salad looks delicious!
    Gotta hate sleeping through the alarm…
    I used to do it all the time 😛

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