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hello, food coma.


Today was the second annual holiday progressive potluck for my company and I am officially in a food/sugar coma as we speak.


I made sure to start out the  day with a good breakfast.  I’m on a yogurt kick, lately.  Today’s combo included vanilla Chobani, canned pumpkin, rolled oats, pumpkin pie spice, and a few pecans.

potluck it up.

My saving grace in this ordeal today was there was not a huge amount of vegetarian friendly food.  There were a few things that may have been but I didn’t feel like being the person that went around asking about everything so where there was doubt, I avoided.

Our first stop was the appetizers.  Black bean and corn salsa, I love you.  I had some fruit and bread, as well.  And a second piece of bread.  I love my carbs.

Second stop:  main dishes.  This was definitely the floor where I felt pretty out of luck.  This is also where I learned my lesson of why I should ask.  That tasty looking casserole that appears to just have beans?  Oh no.  There was some meat in the chili.  Shoot.  At least I only had a couple bites, but still.  Always ask.  Those sweet potatoes though, they were some of the best I have ever had.  There was this sweet, crunchy topping that was simply uh-may-zing.  So much so that I had a second scoop.

And finally, the dessert stop.  My truest weakness.  Brownies.  Buckeyes.  Cookies.  All so tasty.

This was at the point where I had to know my limits and I stopped while I was (mostly) ahead.

Now that I’m stuffed, I have dinner club to look forward to in a few hours!  Bad scheduling on my part?  Yep.

If you work, does your company do anything to celebrate this time of year?

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  1. 12.21.10 2:30 pm

    We had an office party on Friday and it was so hard to stay on track! Almost unfortunately for me, there was tons of vegetarian stuff, and while some was healthy, most of it was not. The dessert table alone set me back a ton, though it was all delicious. Onwards!

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