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funky buddha.


I had a lovely afternoon snack:  an apple with honey roasted cinnamon peanut butter, and a couple pieces of chocolate.  Well, first chocolate, then healthy apple.  Just the way it should be.

funky buddha.

They say they don’t judge a book by it’s cover and perhaps you shouldn’t judge a yoga studio by it’s name. But, I did.  I had my first hot yoga experience tonight.  I saw real because my gym attempted to offer a class this fall and it was more warm yoga than hot yoga.  This was more along the lines of the hot yoga I was expecting.

It was a new studio in town:  The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse.  I mean, come on, how could you not at least be intrigued with a name like that?  Thanks to Groupon, I have an unlimited month!

I absolutely loved the class.  I got so sweaty and I got deeper into some poses than I have ever gone before.  I even attempted a couple that I never ever thought I could come close to doing before.  Crow, anyone?  I didn’t get fully into the pose.  Yet.  One day, I will.

I left feeling more flexible and more relaxed than I have in awhile.  The tight muscles I had going in are completely gone now.  I can’t wait to go back!


Once I got home, all I had on my mind was one thing:  green monster!  I used 1 cup of frozen berries, a banana, 1/2 cup vanilla Chobani, 1 cup almond milk, and about 1 cup of spinach.  All topped off with some Kashi GoLean Crunch.

I should have used less milk; it was a bit thinner than what I was hoping for.  Nonetheless, completely delicious.

Have you tried hot yoga?  What did you think?

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  1. 12.22.10 8:31 pm

    I have yet to try it. The only place around me that offers it has carpet floors. Something about excessive sweat and carpet stops me from entering!

  2. 12.22.10 10:45 pm

    I will assume we were not in the same class today! I was at the 7 PM class. I LVOE this place! 🙂

  3. Merrie permalink
    12.23.10 11:06 am

    Yes I have tried hot yoga and really liked it. The warmer the better. The poses were a bit different than what I am used to (I do anasura at Expressions of Grace) but managed to hang in there.

  4. 12.23.10 11:24 am

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m dying to get to a yoga class soon! I’m studying abroad next semester in Rome…think they’ll have some hot yoga there? If so, I’m in! 🙂

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