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so close, I can feel it.


Merry Christmas Adam!  (Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Adam came before Eve, hence today is Christmas Adam).  Lame joke, I know.

But, for real, I am so excited that today is my last day of work in 2010!  I am excited for my 11 day vacation!  It’s so close I can feel it!  I have lots of ideas for how to fill the time:

  • spending time with family and friends
  • cleaning/reorganizing/getting rid of junk I don’t need or want anymore
  • reading
  • working out (have you checked out my new and improved workout log/training schedule yet? I spent far too much time getting it just right!)
  • living in jeans and sweatshirts (hooray for no dress clothes!)
  • watching lots of movies
  • baking
  • blogging, of course!
  • relaxing!

All in all, I think it will be a wonderful break!  It all begins in just a matter of hours!


Last week, I wrote about the 11 things to eliminate in 2011, one of them being counting fancy coffee drinks as my breakfast.  Well, it’s not 2011 yet, so I got a caramel latte this morning.  It was delicious.

Now that I’ve started to become accustomed to more filling breakfasts, this just really didn’t cut it.  I was ready for a snack by 9:30!  Break out the almonds!  I love this honey cinnamon kind from Target, but they are so addicting!

Jennifer posted this link and since I have a well established adoration of TayTay (yep, we’re that tight), I have to share as well:  5 Things Taylor Swift Does to Stay Fit and Healthy.  I don’t say it just because it’s Taylor, but I think they are realistic ideas.

Do you have time off for the holidays? How are you spending it?

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  1. 12.23.10 1:13 pm

    I have to work next week from Monday – Thursday, but I get off today at 2:30 for the weekend. Family, friends, and relaxation! Happy Holidays!

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