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sugar cures the sugar detox.


I hope y’all had a lovely Christmas (or a fabulous Saturday)!  My big Christmas celebration isn’t until early January, but I still got some celebration in yesterday.  The festivities truly started for me on Friday night with the Christmas Eve service at church.  There’s nothing quite like singing Handel’s Messiah with about 4,000 people, accompanied by members of the Grand Rapids Symphony.  It gave me chills!

Saturday, I started out at home, then drove to my hometown for dinner with my dad, step mom, and her family.  After that, I got back in the car for awhile longer and I’m now spending a couple of days with my sister, Nicki, and her family, along with my mom and grandma.  I love family time.

And, now, here we are in the post-Christmas glow.  Except not really, since there’s more celebrating to come in a couple weeks.

What better way to start off the post-Christmas sugar detox than, well, sugar?  Nothing better to start off the day than a chocolate covered doughnut!

I guess it was more lunch than breakfast.  I have been completely unproductive this morning (unless you count sleeping and playing multiple games of soduku on your iPod productive) and it has been glorious.  I’m still in my pj’s and fully intend to stay that way as much of the day as possible.  Except to perhaps briefly change into workout clothes and do some yoga.  My kind of day.

Happy Boxing Day!  Did you know the holiday is celebrated in more than just Canada?  Also in Australia, Austria, New Zeeland, and the United Kingdom!

What was the best gift you’ve given and received this year?

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  1. 12.26.10 2:43 pm

    I got the Xbox Kinect which is a motion detector thing where you are the controller and if you move your arm, the player on the screen moves their arm. It’s SO cool!

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