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happy cookie.


Happy Monday!  To those who had to return to the real world today, I hope it went well.  To those who are still enjoying the holiday break, I hope you’re making the most of it!

I was still at my sister, Nicki’s, most of the day.  She and I went to a morning class at her Y called Y Pump.  I haven’t done a Body Pump class yet, but I think it was the same basic idea.  Lots of weights and resistance training paired with some upbeat music. Before class, I made some baked apple oats.  I used organic yogurt rather than my usual Greek.

Perfect fuel for class.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the class but overall I liked it.  Some of the stuff we did at the beginning was tough on my knees, but otherwise it was good!  It got cut short, only about 40 minutes, so I think it would have been a better first experience to go the full time.

After class, we went back to the house to pick up her kids and our mom and grandma.  We all went to meet my brother-in-law for lunch at a cute local deli/bakery.  I got the veggie wrap and a bag of bbq chips.

And, a big smiley face cookie!  How could you not be happy when eating this?

This ongoing sugar addiction must stop and soon!  (After I eat every bite of that cookie though!)

After dinner, mom and grandma hit the road to head home.  I stuck around for a bit longer and ran errands with Nicki and the kids. A couple hours later, I left with just enough time to get back to Grand Rapids for Zumba!  Two workouts in one day?  Who am I?!

It was a great class.  Well, it felt mediocre until I thought that to myself then the Zumba gods must have heard me because the intensity went up about tenfold.  I loved it.  If I’m going to workout, bring on the sweat!

I was ready for some dinner as soon as I walked in the door!  Before I left for the holidays, I cooked up some couscous and added in cucumber, zucchini, red pepper, and red onion.  I added some of that to a bed of spinach, threw some tomato on, the topped the whole thing off with a roasted garlic vinaigrette.

It’s been a lovely day.  I’ve truly enjoyed having some family time the past few days and now I’m excited for another whole week off of work.  It will be fabulous!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy time off from work or school?

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  1. 12.27.10 9:09 pm

    That smiley face cookie is adorable. I agree – I don’t think its possible to be unhappy while munching on that!

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