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’twas a good one.


So after I finished writing my earlier post, I lost any and all desire to go run.  Zilch, zip, zero, nada.  However you want to put it, there was nothing.  I changed into my workout clothes hoping that would change things.  Still nothing.  Somehow, I got myself into the car and off to the Y I went.  Quite begrudgingly.  You would think it were someone other than myself forcing me to do something I didn’t want to do.

I got there, made my way to the treadmill and had one of the best runs I’ve had since starting the half marathon training.  I realize it’s only been a couple weeks and it was only two miles.  But, for not wanting to go at all, I was pretty stoked.  I felt strong.  I felt really good.  I finished up with a mile on the elliptical.  Timewise, I ran for 21:58 and did the elliptical for 11:15.

Once I got home, I threw together a quick dinner.  Well, quick once I decided what I wanted to eat.  That took about ten minutes and looking at all of my food multiple times.  I ended up with the grilled cheese and apple sammie.

I wish I could figure out what I did differently the first time I made this because it was the only time I’ve gotten the cheese to melt.  Any ideas?

Then it was off to the theater for my second movie of the day.  This time around was How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd (adore him!), and Owen Wilson.  I’m still not quite sure what I think.  It was definitely not what I expected.  Overall, I think I liked it.

One benefit to an oversized purse:  I smuggled in a smoothie partly because I was still hungry, partly because I wanted some more fruit in my day, but mostly because I was excited the smoothie place that uses actual fruit reopened!

And with that, my dears, another day comes to a close.  ‘Twas a good one.  I’m feeling quite happy and content these days.

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  1. Beth @ Will Run for Books permalink
    12.29.10 10:28 am

    Melty grilled cheese is achieved by cooking for longer at a lower temperature. Using a lid to cover the pan helps too. Grilled cheese is my specialty 😉 Clearly, I am a gourmet cook.

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