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round two.


I had my second visit to the Funky Buddha hot yoga studio today.  I had a different teacher than I had last time and it was definitely a different experience.  Last time there was a bit more experimentation with new poses, but this time was more of a focus on correcting the basics.  I really liked both experiences.

Today’s class flew by!  When she turned off the lights as we headed towards savasana, I was shocked our time was almost up!

One thing I’ve noticed after both classes is that I have a bunch of broken blood vessels on both arms, around the biceps.  For those that are more experienced with hot yoga, is this something normal?


Just like after last week’s class, all I really wanted when I got home was a smoothie.  Since I had a bunch of spinach with my salad at lunch, I left the greens out this time and just stuck with fruits.  I used a cup of berries, 6 ounces of vanilla Chobani, a banana, and 1/2 cup of orange juice…all topped with some cacao nibs!

On the side, I had a piece of toast with vanilla cinnamon almond butter, sprinkled with a few white chocolate chips.  I’ve seen a few other bloggers add the chips and couldn’t resist trying it.  Now I see why they do it…amazing.

Definitely a combination I’ll be having again!

Tonight, I’m spending some time working on my goals for the upcoming year!  I can’t believe it’s already that time again!  What goals do you have for 2011?

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