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sunshine in winter.


I broke out the sunglasses today!  Sunshine in winter?  That’s a rarity this time of year in the fine state shaped like a hand, so I am absolutely loving it!

It was a bit of a quiet morning.  I ate breakfast in bed while watching a couple episode of Gilmore Girls.  Breakfast was an easy one:  pumpkin oats.  Some canned pumpkin, a handful of rolled oats, almond milk, and a couple tablespoons of chia seeds.  I would have preferred yogurt rather than the almond milk, but it was all I had in the fridge.

Once I finally got moving, I really just moved to a different venue to continue the laziness.  I headed over to Starbucks and read there for awhile.  It’s good to venture into the world.  I sat in one of their comfy lounge chairs for an hour or so with my peppermint mocha (perhaps the last one for the season?) and continued on with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.  I’ve really enjoyed the series, but thus far, I think it’s my least favorite of the three.

On my way home, I ran into the grocery store.  I wanted some Chobani and left $40 later.  Never go look at food when you’re hungry.  Always a bad idea.

Lunch was more of my couscous vegetable mix on a bed of spinach.  I really loved this combination!  It makes me want to use couscous more often.  It’s tasty and I find it highly entertaining to say.  Couscous.  It sounds funny, right?

I used my roasted garlic vinaigarette dressing again.  It tastes so good, but I have horrible garlic breath the rest of the day!  I suppose it’s good I don’t have anybody to impress.

I’m off to enjoy more reading and sunshine!  It’s making me so happy today!

What’s making you happy on this lovely Wednesday afternoon?

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  1. 12.29.10 3:20 pm

    Mmmm I loooove couscous salad! Lots of things making me happy. Getting out of work in 1.5 is close to the top, plus going to see my old boss after work and going out for drinks after! My goal is to limit myself to two glasses of wine. Let’s see how I do.

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