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red red wine.


Hey there!  How is this first day of 2011 treating you?

I have had a lovely day.  Quite relaxing.  I finally finished the Stieg Larsson triology!  The second book was definitely my favorite, but overall they were great.  I highly recommend you pick up the first one!

Lunch was yet another grilled cheese and apple sandwich.  I think it’s an addiction at this point.  They’re just that good, I promise!  On the side, I had some honey wheat pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce.

Lunch was really just a procrastination mechanism.  I had a run planned and my legs were not wanting to go.  I ate slow.  I sat around in my running clothes for awhile.  Finally, I forced myself out the door.  I wanted to start the year off on the right foot, so out I went.

I had 3 miles on deck, but I was just not feeling it.  So, 1.5 miles it was.  Yesterday’s weather was a tropical paradise to today and my body was not happy.  It dropped a good 20 degrees in the past 24 hours!  Yesterday, there was rain, today, there is snow!  Now that I know my Garmin doesn’t automatically do splits, I figured out how to fix that!

  • Mile 1:  10:03
  • Mile 0.5:  5:51

Not much, but better than nothing!

Dinner was the remains of my couscous salad.  I will definitely be making more in the future!

I just finished a date with the couch and the DVD player.  I curled up to watch Easy A which was probably one of my favorite movies of 2010.  Nope, I don’t go for the substance, it’s all about the teen comedy for this 27 year old.  And I’m okay with that.  It’s not a movie date without some snacks!


Godiva chocolates.

And, of course, some wine.

One of my coworkers gave out these cute little bottles as Christmas gifts.  Tonight seemed like the perfect night to break it open.  I classed it up a little and used an actual wine glass.  I briefly considered drinking straight out of the bottle, but a girl needs a little more style in her life!  I love me some red wine!

Or shall, I say Red Red Wine…

80s music videos are funny.  Just think, someday people will be saying that about the classic videos we grew up with!

What’s your favorite music video? I have to go with Britney’s “…Baby, One More Time”.  I was a fan from the beginning!  I distinctly remember that one debuting on TRL.  Yep, I watched that show religiously.

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  1. 01.2.11 2:05 pm

    I just sent you a DM on Twitter. Hope to hear back from you asap. 🙂

  2. 01.2.11 3:19 pm

    Food looks amazing!
    I just might try a grilled cheese and apple sammie – yours looked delicious!
    Happy New Year, girl 🙂

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