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Sometimes simplicity is the perfect solution.


I was kind of hungry around 6ish but nothing was jumping out at me.  Yes, I have this problem fairly frequently.  I bought some pre-made guacamole when I was grocery shopping today, so I broke into that.  Quick, simple, perfect.

I love guacamole so much.  I could eat it every single day.  No joke.  Doesn’t it just look so good?!

I definitely ate much, much more than the serving size of 2 tablespoons.  Seriously?  Two?  I eat that much with about two chips!  One serving was only 45 calories, so eating a few didn’t bother me.  Plus, again I submit, it’s that good!

My BFF/roommate exchanged Christmas gifts tonight.  She knows me so well!  She gave me a gift set of Britney’s Curious scent (which I love, love, love) and a gift card to Starbucks.  Good work, BFF.

snack time.

While she was making dinner for her and her boyfriend, all the delicious food smells got my appetite going, so I made a piece of toast.

weigh in.

Since one of my 2011 goals is to finally reach my goal weight, I am going to be a bit more diligent about checking in.  Since I started my weight loss journey, I’ve always considered Thursday to be weigh in day.  For the past eight or so months, I’ve gone from not weighing myself for a month during No Weigh May when I was getting a little too addicted to getting on the scale to every couple of days.  I really want to get back to the once a week weigh in schedule.  I think that is what worked best for me, kept me sane, and focused more on living healthy rather than the scale.  For this final stretch, I’m going to switch it up to weigh in on Sunday.

So, with that:  today I am at 157.8 putting me at 24.8 pounds to go.  This will be my year!

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  1. 01.3.11 10:22 am

    I love that you figured out what works for you with weighing in because it really can be addicting. I’ll admit, I check my home scale about every other day out of habit, but only really consider my weigh-in at my Weight Watchers meeting the “official” one.

    I love reading your blog because it reminds me that I’m not the only one focusing on weight loss. This is going to be our year 🙂

  2. 01.3.11 12:56 pm

    I also could eat guacamole allll the time. It’s seriously amazing.

  3. 01.4.11 9:43 pm

    how tall are you?

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