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four things.


I’ve seen this on a few other blogs and Bri tagged me recently, so how about a fun little quizzie!

Four TV shows that I watch:

  • Glee
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Hellcats
  • The Office

Four things I’m passionate about:

  • My faith
  • Being a good daughter/sister/aunt/friend
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Social media

Four words/phrases I use a lot:

  • I need coffee! (or some variation)
  • epic
  • lovely
  • grace and peace

Four things I’ve learned from the past:

  • Finding something everyday to take joy in makes life so much more beautiful
  • I’m stronger than I realize
  • Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it’s really hard but there’s always a reason, even if I can’t understand it at the time
  • There is so much to learn from other cultures; it’s life changing to travel and experience it

Four places I would like to go (I can only pick four?!?):

  • Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, etc)
  • Uganda
  • Australia
  • Italy

Four things I did yesterday:

  • Drove back to my hometown
  • Went to a funeral 😦
  • Spent time with my mom watching a Reba mini-marathon
  • Read a few chapters in Portia diRossi’s autobiography

Four things I am looking forward to:

  • National Half Marathon!!
  • Spring!!
  • Lots of great concerts lined up this year: U2, NKOTBSB, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban (and more, I’m sure)
  • The return of Glee!

Four things I love about winter:

  • Christmas
  • It means spring is coming
  • Peppermint mochas
  • I’ve got nothing else to say. Michigan winters are lame.

Tag four people to play along:

  • I’ve lost track a bit of where I’ve seen this…so YOU (whomever you may be!) Leave a comment if you do it, I want to see your answers!
4 Comments leave one →
  1. 01.9.11 2:19 am

    Had to do it! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. 01.9.11 10:06 am

    Yay! 🙂 National Half, here we come!!

  3. 01.9.11 12:05 pm

    Great post, girl!
    Loved to learn more about you 🙂
    Four Things I’m Looking Forward To:
    – the rest of my vacation! I have about 1 month left 🙂
    – my birthday – exactly one month away now!
    – traveling to Europe
    – going to Disney World with my family in January (but it’s not official yet, so fingers crossed!)

  4. 01.9.11 9:44 pm

    I did the quiz!! Come see.

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