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At church this morning, Rob started a series on Ecclesiastes and at one point, he said

(Live in) pure, absolute, unadulterated, unfiltered awareness that life is a gift from God to be appreciated and enjoyed.

I absolutely love this.  It’s easy to focus on the negative, to set our sights ahead to the next thing we “need”, worry about the future, dwell in the past.  If the events of the past few weeks with my step-grandma’s extremely fast battle with cancer taught me anything, it’s that it’s not our timeline that matters.  When I saw her at Thanksgiving, I highly doubt she was thinking that it would be one of the last holidays she spent with her family.

I want to live in the now and appreciate what I have.  That’s not to say that there’s not a time and a place for thinking about the future, worrying about finances, or whatever the case may be.  I think it would be a bit cavalier to not give at least some thought to such things.  But, I want to do less of that and spend more time in the appreciating and enjoying mode.

And, end the big, deep thoughts for a Sunday afternoon.


I’m clearly on a bagel kick right now, since I had my third one in less than a week this morning.

It was the perfect I lost track of time and need something to eat on the road otherwise I’ll be late for church breakfast.  Yep, looked at the clock at one point and it was a bit before 10:00.  I looked again and it was almost half an hour later.  I had to leave the house by 10:40 and I had yet done nothing to get ready for the day. Oh well.  I made it there with seconds time to spare.  I considered not going, but I am so glad I did.


When I got home, I went on a mini cooking spree to make things for the week:  bean enchiladas and a veggie pasta bake.  I need to go pick up some produce sometime in the next couple of days, but it’s nice knowing I have a couple solid meals to fall back on!

I had two of the enchiladas for lunch and they were crazy good.

I can’t wait to eat more of this over the next several days!

weigh in.

I had very few hopes that the scale would be my friend this morning.  After eating too much yesterday plus very little water all weekend, I knew it was a bad combination.  I was pleasantly surprised to have lost 0.4 pounds!  It’s not much, but I’ll take it!

On a related note, when I was packing to go home, I didn’t pay attention to what jeans I threw in my bag.  I had a moment of panic yesterday morning when I discovered they were a pair that have been too small for quite a few months.  But, since it was either wearing those, my sweatpants, or the dress I wore to the funeral the day before, I gave it a try.  I was shocked that they fit!  Still a bit tight, but completely wearable!  Score!

And now…rather than going for the long run I know I should do (particularly since I haven’t worked out since Thursday), I’m taking the lazy girl route and watching Gilmore Girls and reading the afternoon away.  The gym will still be there tomorrow and hopefully my motivation and desire will have returned as well.

How are you enjoying your Sunday?


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  1. 01.9.11 3:51 pm

    Thanks for reminding me to live in the now, I fall guilty to being negative and constantly thinking too far ahead.

  2. 01.11.11 8:01 pm

    OMG…bagel kick??!! You have NO IDEA!!! My bagel kick is RIDICULOUS!!! I have an excuse tho cause I’m pregnant 🙂 ahahaha!

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