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repeat customer.


After writing earlier that I wasn’t going to workout today, I tried really hard to talk myself into going.  I even changed into my workout clothes and gave myself every pep talk I could think of.  None of it worked!  Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start after a crazy weekend.


There are worse things in life than eating at Olive Garden twice in one week.  I know that for a fact because that was just my reality.  After eating there with my sister on Monday, I went again tonight.  My stepmom called earlier this evening to invite me to join her, my dad, and her whole family for dinner.  Who am I to turn down a free meal?  Oh yeah, and family time is awesome, too!

A few others were having cocktails, so I enjoyed an amaretto sour while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive.

I also started out with a serving of salad and a couple breadsticks.  I could eat their salad dressing by the spoonful!

I duplicated the ravioli di portobello again for my entree.  I loved it so much on Monday that I just had to have it again!

This girl needs to go get ready for a new week at the office!  It’s a rarity lately to work five days…it might feel like a long week!  (I know, rough life, right?)

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  1. 01.9.11 11:25 pm

    mmm Olive Garden. you’re right, there are definitely worse things in life than that. 🙂

    hope you have a good week! do you have time for a yoga class at all? the only nights I can’t do are Tuesday or Friday (boo, work).

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