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speedy mile.


You guys.  If I don’t post tomorrow, it’s likely because I have floated away.  I have had over 150 ounces of water today.  It’s a bit ridiculous.  I need to be careful that I don’t drink too much since I know that can be just as problematic as not enough.


Lunch was delicious.  I made a veggie pasta bake yesterday with some Trader Joe’s basic garlic linguine, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, a can of diced tomatoes, and topped with mozzarella cheese.  I added some pasta sauce to the top when I warmed it up.

Oh!  I can’t go any further before sharing my excitement.  I can’t believe I almost forgot. It’s probably old news at this point in the day, but the new Britney Spears single came out today and it’s beyond epic. Hold It Against Me will be my favorite workout song for the immediate future.

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/379041&tbid=24956&p=2581&height=510&width=578]

Love it.

I had a late afternoon snack of some animal crackers and almond butter.


I had a bit of time before Zumba started, so I decided to hit the track for a mile.  I’ve been doing the treadmill for almost all of my runs lately so I can work on my pace, but I wanted to see what I had in me without anything to control how fast or slow I went.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I finished up at 9:18!  It was certainly better than I anticipated!  I know at this point it’s not a pace I could sustain for a long distance, but I think that a speedy mile before Zumba may become a routine!

Zumba was such a blast today!  Now that I’ve been going regularly again, I really feel like I’m getting the routines down and getting my own style.  It wasn’t the most challenging, but I had a blast!


Once I got home, I was so hungry!!!  I grilled up one of the homemade veggie burgers I had made awhile back, topped it with some spinach, tomato, pickles, honey mustard, and for a lack of hamburger buns, two slices of toasted bread.

What a day!  Apparently there’s a national championship football game on tonight, so I’ll watch that have that on in the background while I do other things I’m more interested in.  I found out about said game all of five minutes ago.  I’m definitely the stereotypical girl when it comes to most sports.  Unless it’s gymnastics.  Or the few teams I’m somewhat loyal to.  Then, I’m game.

Are you a sports fan?  What’s your favorite sport to watch?

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