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not a quitter anymore.


I had a great opportunity this evening to volunteer with a local organization called Kids’ Food Basket here in Grand Rapids.  They provide sack dinners for kids who might not otherwise get a meal after school.  Did you know that in the state of Michigan, one in four children goes hungry? At the 27 schools KFB serves, over 80 percent of students live below the poverty line.

In an effort to combat this statistic, they serve about 3,300 children throughout the city during the school year and recognizing that this is just as much a concern in the summer, they distribute about 1,000 dinners a day during the summer.  They worked with a nutritionist to determine what should go in the sack dinners and every one includes at minimum, a fruit, vegetable, sandwich, and a 100 percent juice box.

It was an honor to volunteer this evening and I really hope I can get more involved with such a great organization!


Earlier in the day, I broke out some leftover spinach artichoke dip with some tortilla chips for lunch.  I completely justified it as a meal since it had spinach and artichoke hearts.  We’ll just not talk about all the others stuff that goes into it.

A homemade chocolate chip cookie found its way to my desk as well.  Crazy how that happens, now isn’t it?!


I had just enough time between work and volunteering at Kids’ Food Basket to run home, change into jeans, and get a quick dinner in.  I warmed up a couple of the bean enchiladas I made on Sunday.  Apparently, it was a leftovers kind of day!

I think it is time for a new container of sour cream though.  It has tasted better, for sure.  The “best by” date was yesterday, though, so I suppose that should have been clue number one.


I was really excited to run today, so as soon as I wrapped up volunteering, I headed to the Y and hopped on a treadmill.  The first mile went fabulous.  I was feeling good and enjoying myself.  About 2 minutes into the second mile, I got a horribly sharp pain in my lower abs.  I tried walking it out, but as soon as I started running again, it hurt even worse.

Rather than pushing myself to the point of injury, I stopped at 1.5 miles to stretch and do some strength training for 15 or so minutes.  I gave running another shot, hoping to round it up to 2.0 for the day.  I felt a lot better the second time around.  It was still tough but not in the holy crap, I think I’m going to collapse from the pain kind of tough.  I got my planned 3.0 miles in with time of 33:36 (16:42 and 16:54) , even if it wasn’t consecutive.  I’m proud of myself for not quitting.  The old Mindy would have given up.

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  1. 01.11.11 10:32 pm

    what a great volunteer opportunity!

  2. 01.12.11 1:23 pm

    Running is extremely mental so not quitting is a huge accomplishment! Small steps and eventually you will be running like crazy!

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