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dangerous toffee.


It’s another chilly day in Michigan (one of the 49 states that currently has snow)!  I think that’s so crazy!  It’s actually close to going above freezing temperatures today, so I’m quite excited.  It’s a sad day when I look forward to above 32 degrees.

I was glued to the radio this morning listening to the latest concert announcement (Kenny Chesney is coming back to Grand Rapids!!!), so I ate breakfast once I got to work.  It’s all about priorities, people!  The bagel started to burn in the toaster and after the PopTart debacle of 2010, I got it out as soon as I could!  We didn’t want to add to that history.

It didn’t keep me filled up as long as normal, so I had a couple miniature peanut butter cups.  Even better, though:  I got yet another Christmas gift this morning:  a big box of toffee!  I had two pieces, then made the rounds on my floor, giving pieces away.  It’s so crazy good that it’s dangerous to keep around!  Sharing made a decent size dent, but there is still so much left!  I seriously need to give more away because it’s so good I would eat the whole box.

Lunch was the final piece of my leftover pizza.  I probably shouldn’t have saved it quite as long as I did, but oh well.  I did, I ate it, life goes on.

I’m glad today is a rest day on my training plan.  Yesterday’s I think I can’t/I think I can post and evening run messed with me, mentally and a bit physically.   I’ve got a meeting after work before heading to the church to hang with my girls for Anthem, so tonight will keep me busy enough anyhow.

And, to share about my friends in blogland:

  • Megan is searching for a full-time job in transportation engineering or planning since graduating with a degree in civil engineering!  If you have any contacts in the field, direct them to or her post on the job hunt!  I don’t envy that first job hunt, it’s not a fun process.  Good luck, Megan!
  • Tina had a baby yesterday! The absolutely adorable Braedon came into the world on 01.11.11.  What a cool birthday, right?  And being the epic blogger that she is, she has already posted not once, but twice!  Mad props!

If you’re in the “working world” how did you find your first job? Mine was all about connections!

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