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love a lot is the coolest.


I’m bored with my usual breakfast meals.  I need things that are quick, easy, and require minimal cleanup.  These are the things that make my usual cereal, bagel, yogurt mess, or overnight oats so ideal.  I like French toast or waffles, but that’s far too much for this non-morning person to handle.

If you have suggestions, please share!

Since I don’t have new ideas, I went with an old standard:  a pumpkin yogurt mess.  I added some cinnamon chips in and it was delectable.

We had yet another birthday to celebrate in the office today.  Doesn’t it seem like we’re always celebrating a birthday?  I think it does.  It’s my boss’ birthday tomorrow but since a couple people will be out of the office, we celebrated today.

What better than a cupcake with a giant mound of frosting and a Care Bears ring at 10 in the morning?  Okay, let’s be real.  I’d eat that any time of day.  I’m a sucker for frosting.

Love a Lot Care Bear is the coolest.

In further attempts to completely suck at Eat in Month, I had lunch with my sister today.  We went to Maggie’s Kitchen for some Mexican.  A cheese quesadilla and guacamole for me.  You just can’t go wrong with guac (except that one time it gave me food poisoning).

I had a run scheduled for tonight.  I needed yoga.  So that’s what I did.  I tried to go to the 5:30 hot yoga class, but by the time I got to the studio, it was already full.

I went back at 7:00 for the next class.  I know the key to a post-hot yoga class dinner is a nice, cold smoothie, but I was at a loss for a pre-class dinner?  What could I eat that wouldn’t make me sick halfway through class?  I gave some toast with sunflower butter and white chocolate chips a shot.

Yoga was tough tonight.  Really, really tough, and my body was fighting it the whole time which did nothing to help the situation.  Hot yoga is draining to begin with and the resistance to the practice made it that much harder.  Still, a less than stellar practice is better than no practice.

Are you excited for the weekend? I am ridiculously glad tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. 01.13.11 9:21 pm

    I like to spend Saturdays or Sundays making pancakes or muffins, letting them cool and then freezing them for easy reheating during the workweek. Both freeze well and keep for quite a while in plastic zipper bags (freezer ones are best).

  2. 01.13.11 10:07 pm

    i was going to leave the freezing tip too! kayla beat me to it! You could also make an egg sandwich. crack an egg in a hot pan, poke the yolk so it cooks, add a slice of cheese and put it on some toast. peanut butter toast is good, or a peanut butter waffle sandwich….or how about a fruit and yogurt parfait with some homemade granola?

    • 01.13.11 10:37 pm

      I did the egg sandwich a bit obsessively for a long period of time and loved it…I think I got burnt out, but maybe I’ll have to bring that back! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. 01.14.11 9:04 am

    I also make pancakes and waffles on the weekends, but I just leave them in the fridge all week so I don’t even have to heat them up if I have absolutely no time to spare. I just use a box mix, but I’ve heard of people making them with whole wheat flour, flaxseed flour and all sorts of other super healthy things.

  4. 01.14.11 10:29 am

    I’m kind of in a breakfast rut myself. On Sunday I actually made some wheat berries to change it up since I have oatmeal almost every single day. I had the wheatberries with some greek yogurt and peanut flour, topped with blueberries 2 days this week. I’m back to oatmeal but it was a nice change while it lasted!

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