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I had a lovely 6:30 am wake up call this morning, courtesy of my nephew who was sleeping in my room.  He couldn’t get the door open!  Aunt Mindy, what is the way out of here? After we all got up and moving, I took Nicki, Eric, and the kids to the standard breakfast locale for my out-of-town visitors:  Wolfgang’s.


I got my standard order:  English muffin toast (later slathered with strawberry jam).

Hash browns with grilled onions.

And, the star of the show:  veggie and cheddar omelet.  (My brother-in-law, Eric, would like it to be noted that I put ketchup on top after taking this picture.)

I think my sister was expecting something a bit more healthy.  I adore Wolfgang’s, but it’s definitely not the place to go when you’re looking for something along those lines!

weigh in.

Well, I was less than thrilled with the scale this morning seeing as how it told me I gained four pounds!  I’m not too worked up about it.  I know that I didn’t eat the additional 14,000 calories I would have needed to in order to have truly gained that much, so I’m sure there are other factors throwing things off.  I don’t know how much changing my weigh in day to the day after my long run affected things.

last week: 157.4 | this week: 161.4 | change: +4 | overall: -71.6

eatsmart scale.

I had the opportunity to try out a new scale recently:  the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale.  I wanted to use it for a couple weeks before sharing my thoughts.

Ultimately, I really love it!  I think the design is fun:  very modern and a nice change from the standard white scales you usually see.  I compared it to my old scale for a couple weeks and the numbers were pretty comparable.  There was never more than a 1/2 pound difference.  It is quite lightweight.  The only things I don’t like is the glass is cold to step onto, but my bathroom isn’t the warmest place either, so that doesn’t help.  Also, I store it under a cabinet and it doesn’t slide in and out easily. Overall, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars!

You can check out the EatSmart brand on Twitter or Facebook!

Disclaimer:  EatSmart provided me with the scale to use for my review; however, no additional compensation was given.  The thoughts above are my own and are in no way influenced by the company.

Alright, this girl has gotta get herself to church!  Happy Sunday!

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