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no struggle, no gain.


There is no gain without struggle.
Martin Luther King Jr.

That came up on my Twitter feed while I was at the gym and it couldn’t have been better timing.  That MLK, he was a smart one.

I did my pre-Zumba mile and it was rough.  I had to stop halfway through for a solid 10 minute stretching session.  It’s 7 laps per mile on the track and I walked most of the 6th but finished up by sprinting the majority of the last.  I know, sprinting doesn’t really line up with the rest of the run, but I got that last burst of energy, so I went for it.  Not counting the stretch session, I finished up in 10:06.

I felt a bit zoned out/two steps behind throughout the entirety of Zumba.  I stuck it out for the hour.  I think that was the right decision?  We did a new routine to P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass”; I love, love, love that song, so I was excited!


I wanted three things by the time I got home for dinner: fruits, veggies, and protein.  This called for a green monster.  I added a banana, a cup of frozen berries, 2 cups of spinach, and a scoop of Sun Warrior.  I topped it off with 1/4 cup of Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola.  I saw it at Target and thought it was worth a shot.  SO good!!!  Try it!

Funny story.  On the Sun Warrior bag, it says that a serving is 1 scoop and all I’ve been thinking this whole time was how am I supposed to know how much a scoop is? because I didn’t see one in the bag.  So, I got out my food scale and figured out how many tablespoons were the equivalent of the weight in grams.

Flash forward:  tonight, I’m scooping out the couple tablespoons I need and I hit something hard in the bag.  I dig out this mystery object.  One guess what it was?  If you said the scoop, you’d be right!  I felt a little ridiculous.  Or a lot.  I, of course, proceed to tell my roommate the instant she walked into the kitchen.  Most people would keep their I feel like a moron moments to themselves.  Nope, not me.  Apparently I have no shame.

Do you share those kinds of stories with people or keep them private?

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  1. Nicole Shugars permalink
    01.17.11 8:02 pm

    Sorry, but I think these moments run in the family, Meems. I have them all the time!

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